Air Purification in Burleson Texas

air purification

The COVID-19 pandemic has shed new light on the air purification process. While many families are finding themselves in the new stay-at-home reality, the quality of air we breathe in everyday can influence our health and safety.


At AAA Airco we understand the importance of this matter and deliver high-end air purifying solutions from LENNOX and REME HALO.


airborne allergens filter

trap airborne allergens

bacteria filter

reduce 99% of viruses and airborne bacteria

odor filter

get rid of odors

pollen and dust filter

reduce dust, pollen & dander

mold particle filtrated

prevent from mold particle inhalation

Air Purification in Burleson TX

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At AAA Airco Air Conditioning & Heating we deliver high-end air purifying solutions available on the market!

AAA Airco is a certified partner of:

air purification

See how iWAVE technology reduced SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19)
99.4% in 30 minutes!

Lennox Air Purification

See why an air purifying system from Lennox can help your family breath quality air:

REME HALO Air Purification

See how REME HALO air filtration system purifies air pollutants:

Indoor air can be two to five times dirtier than outdoor air!

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